Smudging shell with herbs and crystals


‘Smudging’ is a spiritual practice that is used to clear negative energy from spaces, objects or even from a person.
We can thank the indigenous people from the Native American tribal cultures for this knowledge. The practice was originally performed as a ceremonial ‘smoke bath’ for the purpose of purifying the body, aura and/or energy.

Today, It is often used to clear negative vibes and create a clean space in one’s home, in a room, before healing energy work, or as an aid in prayer or meditation. 

The beauty of this practice is that it can be customized to suit many purposes. Empathic and spiritual healers may use it to release negative energies before a session, as well as to release any remnant energy afterwards. 
It is also used often to cleanse objects such as crystals or meditation tools.

Cleansing is typically done with smudge sticks, which are bundles of herbs that are lit, with the smoke used to heal and clean the space. It can also be burned in a bowl, seashell or other fire safe container. 

Often, a ceremonial feather or other fan-like object is used to spread the smoke and move it around the room or object being smudged.

When I perform a smudge, I generally chant a short prayer or blessing as I go, depending on the type of smudge I am doing.

Here are my top 3 favorite ingredients you can use for smudge cleansing
(and an example of a blessing formula I enjoy using):

  1. Sage 
The most common and well known herb for smudging is sage. There are several varieties to choose from, depending on the purpose of the smudge, and on your personal preference.
White sage is generally used to evict negative energies from special objects such as your crystals or jewelry. It is also favored for cleansing spaces in your home.
For energy work or ceremonial purposes, blue sage is the go-to variety. It is also referred to as desert sage. 
You can also use something called ‘floral sage’. By combining any type of sage with lavender, or other spicy fragrance flowers, it can cleanse the negative energies from your personal space and lift your spirits by giving your energy a boost.
I grow my own white sage and use it for my own cleansing and ceremonies. It is a very attractive perennial, and provides some instant aromatherapy. I just pinch off a piece and inhale. It is so helpful if I am feeling a bit stressed or anxious!

  1. Lavender
Speaking of lavender, you can use this fragrant, dried herb all by itself to cleanse spaces or during a healing meditation. It also serves to infuse the wonderful scent of lavender into the room or space you are using.
Lavender is known for its healing properties as well as helping relieve stress and anxiety.
For some emergency mood relief, I generally use a small heat safe bowl and burn just a bit: enough to feel the effects of its wonderful aroma. 
A mini smudge is perfect just before bedtime, with a cup of chamomile tea. Lavender is also credited as a protector of the mind and helps prevent bad dreams.
I usually sleep like a baby when I do this!

  1. Juniper
Finally, there is juniper. This is an awesome way to clear negative energy. Juniper is a wonderful option when you want to get rid of the bad vibes that you may be feeling in a space or an object. It is very strong and has powerful protective qualities. In fact, one of the benefits of juniper is that it actually promotes positive emotions!  It is known to turn neutral energy into something that conducts positivity and healing.
Are you trying to attract abundance into your life? 
Try a juniper smudge and see how effective it can be!

Other Choices:
There are many other smudging plants that offer a variety of benefits and delightful scents. Among them are:

  1. Rose Petals
  2. Bayberry
  3. Myrrh
  4. Frankincense
  5. Sweet Grass
  6. Cedar
  7. Mugwort

    A Simple Smudge Blessing:
Creating your own prayer or blessing is the best way to get the most value out of smudging. Here is a simple formula I use:
Dear (God, angel, guardian or whichever resonates with you), Please bless this space and clear away any negative or toxic energy that may be here. Infuse this (space, object or person) with love and joy. Send your healing light to protect this (space, object or person) and keep it safe from any negative energies. I offer my gratitude for your presence and know that I am only opening my eyes to see and know the blessings that already exist.
Repeat the blessing over each space, item or energy you are clearing.


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